Microsoft Flight Simulator review

Microsoft Flight Simulator review

We’ve lift off

By Matt Hanson 17 2020 august

Our Verdict

Microsoft Flight Simulator is actually a work of love, by having a realism and focus on information that may get this a purchase that is essential trip sim fans. Making use of leading edge technology and photos when it comes to ultimate immersive experience, this really isn’t a game title that’s likely to be for all, however, if you’re its core demographic, you’re going to like it.

  • Amazing photos
  • Exceptional focus on information
  • Great peripheral support


  • Problematic for novices
  • Selection of editions is confusing
  • Only a few airports are made equal

Time played: 20 hours

Platform: Computer

If you’re scanning this review, it is about 98% most most likely for you or not that you already know whether Microsoft Flight Simulator is. As the Flight Simulator series is microsoft’s that are n’t exciting of games (for the conventional, at the very least), it is effortlessly certainly one of its many successful, and dating back again to 1982, it is additionally its oldest.

As the subject material is just a little dry – it aims to realistically replicate the knowledge of traveling different aircraft – the version that is latest, understood merely as Microsoft Flight Simulator, is an excellent illustration of why this show is really so revered. By combining layouts and features that provide us a tantalizing glimpse for the future of video gaming, additionally includes a great opportunity to make an impression on main-stream gamers whom could have dismissed previous Microsoft Flight Simulator entries.

So, we’re referring to stunning photos and innovative features – such as for example mapping the planet making use of Bing maps – along with real-time weather and traffic, which are about since close to ‘next-gen’ as possible get at this time. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a dramatic generational leap that will define the genre for years to come for fans of the series, and simulator games in general.

It is not only for hardcore fans, either. The overall game is striking Xbox Games Pass for Computer on launch time, and it is arriving at Xbox Series X in the foreseeable future, with several feeling that Microsoft need to have included it in its current games showcase to really showcase exactly just what its brand brand new console will soon be with the capacity of, as opposed to the roundly-mocked Halo Infinite showing we got rather. What this means is those who might not have considered the video game, and undoubtedly don’t have actually the expensive peripherals needed to have the most from it, can be inclined to offer it a go, too.

Which was the positioning we discovered ourselves in whenever reviewing Microsoft Flight Simulator. While we’ve dabbled in simulation games within the past, and also earlier versions of Flight Simulator, we didn’t think we’d function as the potential audience when it comes to game.

But, after a long time, long routes plus some embarrassing crashes, we’ve come to comprehend the overall game on a level that is technical and enjoyed it on an even more psychological one. Let’s explain.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator release and price date

  • The facts? A committed and flight simulation game that is realistic
  • Launch date? 18, 2020 august
  • Exactly what can it is played by me on? Computer (Xbox Series X variation coming later on)
  • Cost? $59.99/?59.99/AU$99.95

Get yourself ready for lift off

  • You can find three variations
  • Peripherals are suggested
  • Don’t count on just keyboard and mouse

Then there are some important things you need to know if you’re considering buying Microsoft Flight Simulator. To begin with, you will find three versions regarding the game that exist, and that could make choosing the right one for you personally a bit tricky.

Therefore, for $59.99/?59.99/AU$99.95 you will get the conventional variation, which is sold with 20 planes and 30 airports that are hand-craftedthe others are fundamental models).

Then there’s the Deluxe version for $89.99/?79.99/$139.95. This adds five more planes and five more airports.

Finally, there’s the Premium Deluxe edition that adds 10 planes that are additional 10 more airports – along with most of the extras that was included with the Deluxe variation. That costs $119.99/?109.99/AU$139.95.

It can get quite expensive falling down the Flight Simulator rabbit hole, and we’d only recommend the Premium Deluxe edition to flight sim connoisseurs – there’s more than enough content in the Standard edition for beginners as you can see.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

In reality, why is the typical version a bit of a no brainer for anyone remotely enthusiastic about the game is that it’s starting on Xbox Game Pass for PC – a subscription solution from Microsoft that provides you usage of over 100 PC games while you’re subscribed.

There’s currently an offer where you could get the very first month for $1 / ?1 / AU$1 – and after that it is $4.99 / ?3.99 / AU$4.95 30 days. This means you can decide to decide to try down Flight Simulator just for $1 – and an of it will be more than enough time to know if it’s the game for you month. If it’s, keep subscribed or choose the game as being a standalone. If you don’t, cancel your membership and you also’ve just invested $1.


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